AT Pro

AT PRO 101

Here is my comprehensive review and instruction video on Garrett’s AT Pro Detector. I truly believe it should be the first detector anyone buys. Yes it’s a bit more than you may have wanted to spend on the hobby but the increased finds will be well worth it. And it’s so good that it may…

Andy Sabisch

Q and A with Andy Sabisch

I had the honor and thrill of traveling to Cincinnati a couple weeks ago to attend the XP Deus Bootcamp that veteran detectorist Andy Sabisch conducts. Andy agreed to sit down for some Q and A. Enjoy. Andy is the author of the XP Deus Handbook as well as several other detector and detecting books.

AT Pro Scuba Mods

I’m going to start posting mods when I see them for various detector brands, look for the category for your detector under “Mods” under Resources Menu, or filter Posts by that category. Here are a few mods I’ve seen for scuba diving with the AT Pro. First here’s one that Beau aka Aquadigger posted a…