1. Ray

    Looking at the 1803 Large Cent, It appears to be a Large Date and Small Fraction on the reverse. This would make the coin a rare piece at over $ 2,000.00 in AG-3. The coin would be considered a lucky piece that at some point was nailed to a roof for good luck. This coin shows much detail on the front hairline and lettering that would have graded the piece at least fine-VF at the time it was lost or used. Even with environmental damage and the damage of it having a hole at one time, I would submit the coin for third party grading (PCGS or NGC). It would be worth the time and expense. With a normal date it would be classified as a “CULL” or off-grade. With the rare Large Date and Small Fraction, It still was a nice find and a nice addition to anyone’s collection. It will come back as environmental damage, but not many have this rare coin.

  2. admin

    Thanks Ray, unfortunately the home owner kept the coin! We let him borrow a detector and he was out with us in the last hour of our four hour hunt. We didn’t start scraping some dirt off until the wrap up at the end and that’s when we saw the date etc. I did look it up and didn’t think it was the rare version, but I told him not to clean it and I can ask him for another look. He wants to get back into detecting and does know a lot of people in my historic town, so I’m trying to tell myself Karma will get me more old coins at permissions he’s going to get us. Thanks for stopping by to post!

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