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Heath’s Nasty Deep Deus Civil War Settings

I have gotten so many calls for my “secret” civil war detector program that I come up with. I decided to just put it out there. This may not be anything super ground breaking, but it works well for me. If you are not into detecting or own an XP Dues….you prob will have no clue what this is. If you want one of the top detectors for relic hunting give me a call 256-284-2247

This is my Nasty Deep Civil War relics program for the XP Deus. Feel free to share just please give credit.

I have been hesitant to make a written post about my setting for one simple fact. They work for where I hunt. Your mileage may differ based on mineralization, EMI, or other factors. I use this with an 11 inch coil and I will tweak these settings slightly based again on mineralization and levels of trash. As a general rule, if it is a really clean site I hunt in reactivity/silencer 0/-1 or 1/-1…sometime for higher levels of trash 2/-1. But I am looking to achieve depth in the woods that are fairly clean. You should take into consideration what you are hunting on the freq also…or at least to some degree. I tend to stay away from 18 unless I am checking something.
Alternately I will occasionally hunt in 8 khz and React 0/-1.

Heath’s Nasty Deep Civil War Program

DISC 2.5 (the lower the disc the better depth)
Sens 93 (based on trash ect I will at times go lower than 90 or up to 95)
Freq 11820 (ideally 4 but not in my area…so its 8 or 12 for me)
Iron Vol 1
Reactivity 1 (silencer -1) Note if you change react you will have to reset your silencer to -1 everytime.
Audio Response 6 (7 if you do not mind every target sounding shallow)
No Notch
TX power 2 (generally but TX3 if I GB in the lower 70s and low trash but TX2 is the safe bet)
My Audio Profile (this is MY preference not affecting depth but this works for me)
5 Tone
-150 (2.5 or your disc level)
-370 (49)
-665 (79)
-800 (97)
I GB using pumping then go negative GB by 1-2 depending on conditions.

I have been reading a lot about the Deus getting unstabled under a GB of 77….I am not sure because I so rarely get there but someone may want to test that.

Video added

Released to the general public. Prior to this, it had only been given to customers.