About Me

me-meHello and welcome to MDGear, my name is Damian and I’ve been detecting for 6 years. I typically obsess over my hobbies, spending a great deal of time researching, watching videos, and participating in forums.

As with my photography blog I created this site to not only review metal detecting gear, but to help anyone thinking of getting into the hobby. And hopefully offer something to the pros. It’s also a place I can upload pictures and stories of my hunts. Enjoy! This site is for you, questions and suggestions are always welcome.

You will notice I have some Amazon links in my posts as well as some ads in the sidebars. These are both a way for you to make a purchase to support the blog. When you click them it opens a session of my affiliate account and you can then buy what I’ve linked or anything else on Amazon, and they pay me a small percentage. Thanks in advance, your support helps me keep this blog going.

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My MD Gear

My gear list will be coming soon.