Metal Detecting Apparel

These are certain items of clothing that benefit the detectorist in the field. Did something not listed work for you? Let us know!

metal detecting
metal detecting
metal detecting
metal detecting

Adam's Headwear Extreme Condition Hat $20

The Adam’s Headwear Extreme Condition Hat is great for detecting in the hot sun. It keeps your ears and the back of your neck from getting burned.

I am a letter carrier for the USPS. I wear an Adam’s Sun Hat every day it isn’t raining. It is adjustable enough for me to fit over a thin stocking cap on cold and sunny days, but can also be sized down to fit a 5-year-old. Dunk it in water on a really hot day for evaporative cooling. I’ve been wearing one of these hats nearly every day for eight years. Rinse the sweat out thoroughly about once a week and the fabric lasts a lot longer. My current hat has lasted two years, and while it is faded, the fabric is still in good condition. I expect it to last through this summer at the very least.
I have also found it to be good for hiking in the woods. It keeps the bugs off the back of my neck quite nicely.
I will definitely be buying more of these hats. – Fionn320


Bounty Hunter Water Resistant Cotton Hat $41-65

The Bounty Hunter Water Resistant Cotton Hat is great for detecting because of it’s wide brim and comfort.

At first glance this a a very faithful copy of the Indiana Jones Style Leather Fedora but the shapeable brim is a very pleasant surprise! You can drastically alter the hat’s appearance from “Indiana Jones” to “Aussie Bush Hat” by folding one side up or go Old West Cowboy” by folding both sides up.The malleable brim rocks! The hat is comfortable and looks as if it could have gone for $80.00! I ordered XL size expecting a tight fit for my big noggin and found it is actually 1 size too big! It does have a leather chin strap that’s handy in a high wind or it would blow right off my head. All in all I am VERY PLEASED with my new hat. Don’t miss out! – Brent
I have also found it to be good for hiking in the woods. It keeps the bugs off the back of my neck quite nicely.
I will definitely be buying more of these hats. – Fionn320

metal detecting

Prestige Alpine Fishing Vest $36-$68

The Prestige Alpine Fishing Vest is worn by metal detectorists to keep small gear and finds in.

The vest was exactly as shown. Light weight, durable and very nice. However, the front zipper did not function properly so I have returned it and ordered a replacement. All zippers on other pockets functioned properly, so this is probably a one off issue. I really like the mesh on the back for coolness and comfort on those warmer days. – Hollywood

metal detecting

G & F Seamless Knit Nylon Nitrile Form Coated Work Gloves 6-pack $10.50

These G&F Knit Nylon Nitrile Work Gloves are my preferred detecting glove. In summer I use a thinly-coated glove and in colder months I use a thicker-coated pair.

Just used these gloves for the first time and love the snug fit around the wrist. I was mixing up planting soil and none of it got into my gloves. The fit is like a surgeons glove not a heavy leather work glove. It is rubberized only on the palm side with a polyester stretchy material on the top . The only thing is that it allows water to enter. But the price is great for 6 pairs of gloves. FYI don’t store the extras in a hot garage or a hot potting shed because they will sorta get melty and stick together if not used for a whole summer. The last word on these gloves is that they do not look the same as the picture. Like I said they are not rubberized on the top, only the palm side but I still really like the fit , flexibility and the price. – Liz Carlson

metal detecting gear gloves

Minelab Digging Gloves $29

These Minelab Digging Gloves are expensive but built to last and protect your hands from glass or worse while digging.

Really like these gloves, just what I needed. I have used regular inexpensive gloves, these are far superior. – D. Lee

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Tru-Spec Tactical Response Pants $38

I wear the Tru-Spec Tactical Response Pants on colder days to feel like a commando with a metal detector. They have some cool features: inner knee pockets to insert foam knee pads, rip-stop nylon, draw string ankles, and more.

These are even better than expected by way of quality and looks, I only wished they had better sizing levels. Having such a big difference between each size makes it impossible if you happen to be the guy that one is too big for and the next size down is a bit too tight, having such a big range each size fits is a flaw I wish they would correct! – SpyGuy

So far these are great. I wore them all day metal detecting. I tried looking up the military sizes for TRU and It seemed the Large Regular would be up to 39″ waist and 32.5″ length. I’d say the length was more correct. I’m 6’2″ 220lbs. I normally wear a loose 38″ waist, meaning I’m a 37″ and these pants are not that loose. So I’d say the Large Regular is a 37″ spot on. If you’re a 39″ they will be too tight. The 32.5″ length is perfect for me. – Damianicus

metal detecting boots

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Shoe $52-$90

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Shoe are as comfortable as they are sturdy.

This is my third pair of Newtons. Love them! Light weight but lasts like a much heavier boot. Not too stiff like heavier boots, The boot has a little give which allows you to wear 1-3 pair of socks, versatile in a wide range of temperatures. I work hard and walk miles everyday. I replace them about every 2 years when the tread starts to wear thin. the uppers always last, I always load them with mink oil before the winter sets in. – Kirt
metal detecting gear boots

Hi-Tec Men's Altitude Lite 200g Waterproof-M Snow Boot $107

The Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude Lite Waterproof Snow Boot is great for all detecting conditions.

Fits great, husband had nothing negative and he always has something….Hahaha. great price too! – J.S.

LaCrosse Men's Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot $125-$189

The Lacross Snake Boot is something vital to wear if you hunt among venomous snakes.


I rarely order boots or shoes over the internet as I have difficult feet to fit (high instep and a broken bone). I tried on a pair at my hunting store but couldn’t get my size. There was a rival brand that I could squeeze into but the craftmanship was not as good while the price was the same (had these really thin laces also which I hate). So I took a chance and order these in the correct size (wide) at considerable less cost. They came quick for a non-prme delivery. They are beautiful, love the leather the stiffness, just right, and the overall look. But will they fit? Tried them on and they fit (need to loosen all the laces) and then put them on for an entire day. Not a problem and they looked great. Had to mud them up so they got that hunting feel. Going to wear them hunting in Florida where I hope that I do not even see a snake — but just in case got some awesome boots. Now have these for the spring through fall and my mud boots with their insulation for the winter. – John R.