XP Deus Cover Mod

I have tried a lot of XP Deus remote covers. Many cover the whole remote front in plastic and you can see the screen but it’s very hard to press the buttons. XP’s remote cover makes button pressing easy, but makes seeing the screen very difficult. This is my solution.  

AT Pro

Reinforcing the AT Pro

Though it’s never happened to my AT Pro, some people have reported the control box breaking away from the shaft. I’ve seen the following preventive or reactive repair and wanted to share this one by Ken Donahue. Materials needed: 2 1/2″ PVC clamp with #6 X 1″ stainless sheet metal screws. Piece of rubber from…

GoPro Hat Studio

GoPro Hat Studio

I have finally mastered a GoPro Hat Studio for metal detecting. After looking at all the options for filming detecting, I’ve settled on a hat-mounted GoPro Hero 4 Black. To power it for hours I use a GoPro BacPac and a Novobeam USB Charger. For professional sound I use a Edutige Lav Mic with the GoPro Mic…

Rapoo H3070

Rapoo H3070 Ear Pad Replacement

If you bought Rapoo H3070 Headphones for wireless metal detecting you may note that the earpads are made of cheap pleather. I actually ruined mine with bug spray on my ears. So I found a place to buy replacements and I show that here. Check out my review of the Rapoo H3070s.

Deus Remote

Fixing Deus Remote Top

I got my Deus Remote back from Detector Electronics Corp, which is the only place in the US to send your XP Deus for repair. My remote screen wouldn’t work after night of charging so that’s why I had to send it in. They quickly replaced the LCD screen and sent it back to me,…