Hoover Boy

Q & A with Hoover Boy Bob Horst

Had the great pleasure of hunting with the Hoover Boys again this year while I was home for Thanksgiving. I asked their Facebook fans who they’d like me to interview next and they chose Redneck Bob. If you like my content, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Andy Sabisch

Q and A with Andy Sabisch

I had the honor and thrill of traveling to Cincinnati a couple weeks ago to attend the XP Deus Bootcamp that veteran detectorist Andy Sabisch conducts. Andy agreed to sit down for some Q and A. Enjoy. Andy is the author of the XP Deus Handbook as well as several other detector and detecting books.

Q and A with Dan Johnson

Q1: Tell me a bit about yourself. I am 53 years old, married with four children, ages 28, 24, 10 & 7. Also, two stepsons ages 18 and 17. I am the Chief of Police for my city, located in southern Ohio and have been an officer since 1985. I spent 9 years in the…