XP Deus Cover Mod

I have tried a lot of XP Deus remote covers. Many cover the whole remote front in plastic and you can see the screen but it’s very hard to press the buttons. XP’s remote cover makes button pressing easy, but makes seeing the screen very difficult. This is my solution.  

Be aware of cables and propane lines

Be aware of cables and propane lines at a permission.

We all need to be aware of cables and propane lines. The first thing you should say to the owner is, “are there any buried cables or lines I should be aware of?” I’ve learned this, unfortunately, through cutting a couple Direct TV dish cables and nearly severing a propane line. Both are sometimes buried only 3…

AT Pro

Reinforcing the AT Pro

Though it’s never happened to my AT Pro, some people have reported the control box breaking away from the shaft. I’ve seen the following preventive or reactive repair and wanted to share this one by Ken Donahue. Materials needed: 2 1/2″ PVC clamp with #6 X 1″ stainless sheet metal screws. Piece of rubber from…