All metal detectors come with a coil, however you will find different sized coils are available to match the specific conditions in which you are hunting. A large coil covers more ground in a field, and gets maximum depth. A small coil shines in separating good items from lots of trash. The even smaller sniper coil gets you in some tight spaces or nearer to metal fence posts. Finally a medium coil is good for general use.


Bounty Hunter 4 inch Gold Nugget Search Coil $30

The Bounty Hunter 4 inch Gold Nugget Search Coil is compatible with all Bounty Hunter metal detectors and is great for tight spaces and finding gold.

I purchased this product about six months ago and have been perpetually using it since then! Even though my Bounty Hunter 4 detector came with a different search coil, I have been using this one instead. It really helps one to quickly narrow down (pinpoint) where the metal item is in the ground. With this coil, I have found items as far down as eight inches in the ground. Technically, it isn’t supposed to be able to detect this far, but it does! Simply stated, it’s a good product! If you can, get it. – Dustin Williams


Garrett AT Pro 4.5" Sniper Coil $98

The Garrett 4.5″ Sniper Coil is made specifically for the AT Pro. It’s perfect for getting in the tight spots other larger coils only dream of reaching.

Yes. This little searcher worked so well where I needed it. I was searching in an area of very dense growth of small trees. It was very difficult just walking through this mess. The 4.5 Super Sniper worked so well moving among the tight areas. I am very pleased with it and would readily recommend it to anyone. By the way, found some interesting rifle cartridges among other items. Happy Hunting – Dennis Odom


Minelab CTX3030 6" Sniper Coil $299

The Minelab CTX3030 6″ Sniper Coil is great in high-trash or tight areas.

If you are a CTX3030 owner and hunt trashy/target laden sites, then you need this tiny coil to help weed out the keepers! Very pleased with this coil. Great target separation and very sleek design to complete the whole professional feel of the CTX3030. – D. Andrews


Garrett Ace 6.5"x9" Coil

This is the coil that comes with the Ace 150/250 detector. It’s a good starter coil and suited more for trash separation than large coverage or depth.

Garrett 6.5″x9″ Coil Cover


Mars MD 6" x 9" coil for AT Pro $137

The Mars MD 6″ x 9″ coil for AT Pro is an alternative 6″ x 9″ to Garrett’s coil. No reviews yet, if you own one contact us. It’s also available for the AT Gold.


Fisher 8" Search Coil $42.50

The Fisher 8″ coil is great for hunting in trashy areas. Fits the F2 and F4 Fisher detectors.


NEL SharpShooter 5.5”x9.5” DD Search Coil for Garrett AT Pro $122

The NEL SharpShooter 5.5″x9.5″ Coil is great at separating good targets in a trashy area. I debated getting this or Garrett’s 5×8 coil and decided to go with Garrett.


Garrett AT Pro 5x8" Coil $127

The Garrett 5×8 Coil is fantastic in separating treasure from trash in junky dirt. This one is for the AT Pro. It also makes the ATP feel lighter and also shines in water hunting due to it’s size. You lose a bit of depth over the larger coils however.


Bounty Hunter 10 inch Magnum Search Coil $58

The Bounty Hunter 10″ coil is compatible with all Bounty Hunter detectors and is a good size for hunting trashy areas.


Ok here is an honest review from someone who has been detecting for 35 years and owned 5 detectors. I decided to get the bigger coil since it advertised more depth for deeper finds. I contacted Bounty Hunter directly and they said they themselves do not endorse that claim. Also with the bigger coil it is slightly harder to pinpoint the target and since it does have some more power, when you get close to a metal fence etc. it does sound off sooner making it hard to find a coin close to say a playground equipment metal post.

Now for the good. You are going to miss less targets. I went back over some small school fields like 30 x 75 feet that I had previously gone over with the stock 8″ coil. I spent about 5 hours and dug up 15 quarters. One spot I got a signal that was 2 feet long and 8-10″ wide. I thought for sure this was a pipe or something, however I decided to dig just for spits and giggles. I first spotted a penny and thought there was no way a penny gave off that wide a signal. I continued to dig and found 2 more quarters. I scanned the coil again and found 2 dimes. I scanned again and the area went silent. What I had was what is called a spill hole where someone lost multiple coins. At least I found enough to pay for my 2 9v batteries when they go bad.

Overall, In one respect I was disappointed that the depth may or not be better. However, I believe I covered more area in less time and missed fewer targets and decided to keep it.
Like everything in this World, it has its advantages and disadvantages, and it has its lovers and haters. I fall somewhere in between but am glad I got it. Also it is nice to have a backup coil anyway in case your stock one goes bad or gets damaged. – LawMan87


Garrett AT Pro 8.5x11" Coil $136

The Garrett AT Pro 8.5×11″ Coil is the coil that comes with the AT Pro. It’s a great all-around performer.

It is a perfect compromise coil with sufficient coverage for an open field, and small enough to get into some corners and separate target. – T. Wright


NEL HUNTER 12.5"x8.5" DD coil for Garrett AT PRO + AT Gold $145

The NEL Hunter 8.5″x12.5″ Coil is a good all-around size for conditions. This one fits the Garrett AT Pro. But since the ATP comes with a 8.5″x11″ coil, I’m not sure why you would get this just for the extra 1.5″


Fisher 11" DD Search Coil $150

The Fisher 11″ DD Search Coil fits the Fisher F2 and F4 detectors. A DD coil actually contains 2 coils interlinked.

Put this on my Fisher F2. It took a short while till I found the sweet spot to pinpoint. Its the round circle in the middle imprinted on the plastic. This is just what I wanted. I bought this coil would cover more ground than the standard coil it came with. It works like a charm. – Blippo


Fisher 11" DD Goldbug SE Metal Detector Search Coil $169

The Fisher 11″ DD Goldbug SE Coil works with Fisher Gold Bug Pro.


NEL Tornado 12”x13” DD Search Coil for Garrett AT Pro $169

The NEL Tornado 12″x13″ Coil is a great upgrade to your detector’s stock coil. This one fits the Garrett AT Pro, but NEL makes them for other detectors.


Detech 13" Ultimate Waterproof Coil $180

The Detech 13″ Ultimate Waterproof Coil is for White’s VX3 V3i, DFX, MXT Series, M6 and MX5 Metal Detectors and boasts more accurate target identification.


Cors Strike 12" x 13" Coil $162

The Cors Strike 12″ x 13″ coil looks a lot like the NEL coils. Perhaps they come from the same manufacturer! These are made for several detectors so look for your brand.


NEL Big 15”x17” DD Search Coil for Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector $236

The Nel Big 15″x17″ DD Search Coil gives you terrific coverage and depth for your AT Pro detector. Nel is a Ukranian coil company that makes respected products.


Minelab CTX3030 17" Coil $399

The Minelab CTX3030 17″ Coil is big, really big. If you want max coverage and max depth for your CTX3030 this is your coil. It’s on my hunting partner Bob’s machine 90% of the time, I’ll get him to review it soon. Get a coil cover for it here.