The Deus comes with 10 factory presets. Deus Fast is what most people agree is what you should start with, learn on, and use to modify later for an increase in depth. Note that XP designed some of these presets to mimic other XP detectors. And these programs were¬†designed for European hunting grounds, not so much for the USA. Not that they won’t work in the US, but keep that in mind. There is talk of XP releasing presets specifically for USA soil types. Biggest advice I can give about programs is learn the settings and make your own! The program that works for so-and-so, might not work for you because you are in different soil types and hunting conditions. Really learn what each setting does and modify it for your needs.

XP Deus Factory Programs V4

metal detecting gear deus v4 programs

XP Deus Factory Programs V3.2

metal detecting gear deus v3 programs

XP Deus Factory Programs V2

metal detecting gear deus v2 programs