Dirt Digging Tools


You’re going to dig a lot of holes while detecting. So go for a quality digging tool that makes efficient work out of target recovery.


That trowel I have in my garage $Free

I know what you’re thinking. With all the trowels and shovels we already own, why do we need to spend money on one? As with anything, you get what you pay for. While a trowel like this does dig holes, the strength, materials, and root-cutting abilities of the diggers below will be worth the price.


Treasure Hunters and Metal Detectors Non Marring Brass Treasure Probe $7.45

The Treasure Hunters Treasure Probe is a useful tool for “coin popping” coins out of the grass without actually digging a plug. You can use a dulled flat-head screwdriver as well. You don’t want to scratch the coin bringing it up.


Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife $9

This review of the Fiskars Big Grip sums it up:

The first time I tried to use this tool with any force, it snapped in half. I’ll be returning it for a refund and applying the credit to a solid steel tang hori-hori, like I should have gotten in the first place.

I should have updated this review years ago. Someone at the company contacted me almost immediately after I posted this, and offered to send me a new one at no charge. I’ve been using that one regularly now for four years and it has proven durable and my very favorite yard tool.

So I can’t tell you that the one you get won’t break, but let the company know if it does! – J. M. Dawson

Many people (some I hunt with) use these type of diggers. They’re cheap (the blade does not go all the way through the handle), so if it breaks it’s easy to replace. But why risk your digger snapping in half and ending your hunt?


A Hunting Knife $Free to $13

Some old-school detectorists (like Dan Hughes) use a hunting knife like this Jungle Master. While it’s built to last, it’s probably going to make parents nervous at the park. Please dull it a bit – you’re digging not cutting fillets.


Mini-Handled Shovel $17

This Bond Mini-Handled Shovel is a cheap alternative to the Sampson costing $70.

Lightweight, easy to hold, and incredibly durable, this shovel can do it all! I used this shovel for a camping trip and it did the job and much more. I purposefully gave it a lot of abuse and it faired well in all types of weather. The fiberglass arm and plastic grips did were perfect for any waterproof occasion. The unit itself is fairly long but much more reliable than a foldable one. For the price point, you cannot beat this. HIGHLY recommended. – Jimmy Kim


Sabre Tooth Trowel $20

The Sabre Tooth was a gift for fathers day. my husband loved it would highly recommend for yourself or others. heavy duty – Marilyn Johnson

Garrett Edge Digger $33

The Garrett Edge Digger surprisingly gets a lot of good reviews. I believe it’s because they haven’t used a Lesche. See my video review. It’s night and day. Garrett is normally a respected company that makes well-made products, but this was made in China and you can feel it. The blade is twice as thick as the Lesche. The black coating on the blade wears off quickly. The sheath has a narrow opening making one-handed removal of the blade quite difficult. I sold mine after a few digs. Highly disappointed.


Lesche $35

The Lesche by Sampson Tools is the digger that all others are judged by. It’s stainless steel. Has a notched blade (left and right-hand) for cutting roots. Comes with a sheath you can rinse under water and pull the blade out one-handed. It’s thin and light and cuts turf like butter. Just click the link and buy it already, it’s totally worth every penny.

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White's Digmaster $39

The White’s Digmaster Digger is White’s entry into hand digging tools. I’ve got to say it’s a beast. The thickness of the blade is inbetween the Lesche and Garrett Digger. Here’s a video review:

Lesche Sampson T Handle $75

The Lesche Sampson is perfect for metal detecting and will cause less strain on your hands. It also digs a much faster plug. There are some variations on the theme so find what works for you.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and sturdy this Lesche shovel is, after reading about it in many MD forums and such, I decided to spring for the cost and am very happy with it. The handle horizontal is a hollow metal tube and if you desire you can loop a rope or other thru it and hang the shovel from your neck or belt. Very sharp for digging but not so sharp as to be a safety hazard. – Rough Customer


Lesche Ground Shark $75

I like the Lesche Ground Shark for it’s extra big pad which wont tear up your boots.

Yep, it cost $75.00. yep, it’s worth every penny!! I use this for metal detecting, to do as little damage as possible to the ground when recovering an item. People look at me like I’m stupid when they hear a $75.00 shovel, but then they try it and are convinced. My grandmother uses one to plant flower bulbs in spring. She has a bad back, arm, well everything really, she’s old! With this and one of those squeeze handle grabber things she can work in her flowers again after not getting to for 4-5 years! – Bud Reece


Predator Tools Ranger $99

Predator Tools makes a bunch of high-end metal detecting digging tools built to last and you pay for that. The Ranger is what the Hoover Boys all use and it has deep plug-cutting powers. Would I use it for in a public park or in someone’s yard? No it’s a bit intimidating. But for anyplace else get er done!


Predator Tools Raven $116

Predator Tools makes a bunch of high-end metal detecting digging tools built to last and you pay for that. I’m seriously considering the Raven because the foot pads are to the left and right of the scoop, unlike the Lesche Ground Shark

Sand Scooping Tools

metal detecting gear accessories
fisher sand scoop metal detecting gear accessories

Sand scoops and sifters are important tools for item recovery at the beach, lake, and creek. And like any tool, you get what you pay for.

metal detecting gear accessories

SE GP3-SS20 Sand Scoop $11.50

The SE GP3-SS20 Sand Scoop is a great scoop because it’s made of plastic. So it can be near your detector and pinpointer without sounding them off.

It did an excellent job on the beach while I was detecting it’s what I bought it for and it did it’s job. – T. Cornell

fisher sand scoop metal detecting gear accessories

Fisher Heavy Duty Galvanized Metal Sand Scoop $28

The Fisher Heavy Duty Scoop is a great tool for sifting coins and jewelry out of the sand. But you will be down on your knees digging, so if you want to remain standing, look into a scoop with a long handle.

garrett sand scoop metal detecting gear accessories

Garrett Metal Detecting Sand Scoop $33

The Garrett Metal Detecting Sand Scoop is similar to the Fisher but has square holes instead of round. Both types of holes are smaller than a dime so no coins will get through, however they do make smaller holed scoops for small jewelry.

Took to the beach last week. Very pleased with scoop. It’s heavy-duty and not too heavy to carry. Just scoop where your detector locates the object – scan the area again, and if you don’t detect anything, you have the object in the scooper. Shake out the sand, and your object is in the bottom. Highly recommend. – W. Wood


Pro Knee High Sand Scoop $35

The Pro Knee High Sand Scoop is nice hybrid between a hand scoop and a long-handled scoop. So you don’t have to get on your knees to dig. 

Yes of course its a scoop but don’t think you can just take this and go bopping down the beach and scoop sand all day. This poor thing has little to do with the word sturdy. It has spot welds holding it together I should say barely together. It flexes and you hear the welds creak. I had a beach detecting tournament coming up and needed a knee high scoop and luckily it was delivered 2 days before the event giving me time to weld the seams on this thing making it sturdy. For those looking to buy this I say buy it if you can weld or know someone who will do it for you if neither one well be forewarned it has some issues. – BZBadger


Pro Knee High Sand Scoop $35

The Supreme Beach Scoop is configurable as a hand and long-handled scoop. This would be for dry sand only, as the wire frame back would not hold up to stepping on.

The Supreme Beach Scoop was my first and last Dry Sand Scoop purchase.
Breaksdown for Suit Case Traveling, adjustable handle length, digs and sifts.
Lightweight and Durable, makes picking up targets faster and easier. – Wishooter


RTG Straight Handle Aluminum Sand Scoop $98

The RTG Straight Handled Aluminum Sand Scoop is a good long-handled scoop. You shouldn’t go too cheap on these. You want a good reinforced bucket as you will be stepping on it to push it into the sand.

This scoop works perfect. I was worried that the basket would be to small at only 5″ in diameter, but it’s not. the holes are the perfect size to let the sand out fast and not let your finds slip out. I mounted a 2″ diameter round base magnet in the bottom of mine to catch anything that is smaller than the holes. where I live I find a lot of WWII 50 cal bullets and they can slip through but the magnet stops that. also the clasps on gold chains and bracelets seem to be made of a metallic metal and the magnet catches that as well so the chains wont slip through. it is strong and well built. – KPac


Beach Scoop Head $99

I bought this same Beach Scoop Head on eBay. It was made in Latvia. It’s a very nice stainless steel scoop. You just will need to order a wooden or fiberglass pole to attach to it. Total you’ll be in for $115-$140 which is less than if you bought the two together.