Knee Pads

Knee pads are an important part of detecting. We are only listing ones with a hard front surface.

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Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Knee Pads $25

These Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Knee Pad are great because they are strong. Nothing is getting through these.

I’ve worn knee pads before while working on a roof and they were most uncomfortable. These, on the other hand, are not uncomfortable at all much to my relief. The straps do not bind up behind your knee and the padding on the inside conforms to your knee cap. I am very happy with them and think they will work perfectly for my needs. – Charlie

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NoCry Professional Knee Pads $26

These NoCry Professional Knee Pads are well built and comfortable.

These are pretty good quality knee pads for the price. I am not a professional flooring guy, but I am redoing the ceramic tile floors in our house and these pads have certainly done the job protecting my knees this past week. I have quite a bit left to do, but so far so good. – B. Safe

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AltaFLEX Knee Pads $27.50

These AltaFLEX Knee Pads are great and well-built pads.

I bought these for backpacking, working on my car and general around the house chores. They are extremely comfortable and i really like the Alta locks. Very few times did i need to adjust them. I have had 5 knee surgeries and these helped keep the pain down tremendously. The cushioning is amazing. I am 6’1″ 225lb and even with my knee issues i had no problem dropping down to one or both knees. Awesome product. – Mike Browne

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DEWALT Professional Kneepads with Layered Gel $35

These DEWALT Professional Kneepads are both durable and comfortable.

I lay tile as a side business and I’m not a small man and these have been by far the best knee pads I’ve ever purchased. I spent 16 hours in them this weekend and my knees were not throbbing at the end of the day. I highly recommend them. I did, however cut the top strap off, I didn’t find it neccessary and it just added more material to bunch behind my knee. With just the large strap they stayed in place all day. – Clifton

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LIFT Safety Apex Gel Knee Guard $36

The LIFT Safety Apex Gel Knee Guard are a good comfortable kneepad built to stay put.

Great knee protection. I’ll start by saying that, as a plumber constantly on my knees I REALLY need the comfort and protection. Like any other knee pads theyou slide around buthe not nearly as much as your single strap home Depot kind. Have been through every pair of pads excluding deluth, these are well my #1 favorite over an 11 year period. – R. Green

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ToughBuilt GELFIT Fanatic - Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads $57

The ToughBuilt GELFIT Fanatic – Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads look like they are from the future. Expensive but they look like they are tough.

I have been in construction over 40 years, these are the best knee pads period. They do not slide down to your ankles, they raise your ankles off the ground so your feet do not get sore, superior knee padding.I can work on these all day. – Patrick