A pinpointer vastly speeds up target recovery. Without one you’re going to be waving handfuls of dirt near your coil or worse, standing up a lot to re-sweep the area.


Harbor Freight $17

The Harbor Freight pinpointer is the cheapest you can get. Yes it works. But it is not very durable.


TX-2002 $28

The TX-2002 pinpointer is not as durable as more expensive pinpointers. It does not vibrate, which is helpful in acquiring targets in a noisy area.


Bounty Hunter $35

The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer is a very useful hand held small metal detector used to help narrow your search after the larger metal detector has located an object. The pinpointer has a very limited range of about 1″ – 1.5″, depending on the type of metal and size of the object. This can help you find very small items and reduces the chances that your find will be damaged by your digging tools.


Jeemak Pinpointer $49

The Jeemak seems to be a quality, well-reviewed pinpointer for the price. It’s not rated as waterproof but is probably water resistant.

This is just as effective as I had seen, able to detect small things like nails, cans, electronics and other items out on land although there is a bit of difference with metals and size and whatnot as the differences do effect how effective this is. For the most part, it is able to detect metals at the average distance of half a foot no matter where the object is and has to be pointed at an accuracy somewhat close to what it’s detecting. And of course, the metal detector beeps and shines its notification lights dependent on how close the object is which makes this usable even when you can’t hear for instance in the water. I did use this in the water several times as it has that small gasket, but I didn’t find anywhere on the product that it’s waterproof so I’m just risking it myself although I feel like it is with the amount of times I’ve used this submerged. – Bean


Whites Bullseye II $75

The Whites Bullseye II pinpointer was a decent unit that has been upgraded by Whites (to function more like Garrett’s). Nowadays there are Garrett-like pinpointers in this price range, so I suggest only picking this up used (as I did on eBay for about $40). There is a switch in the battery compartment to go from beep to vibrate – as you can’t get both at the same time. The tuning nob is a bit of a pain as it has to be adjusted from time to time. The unit isn’t very dirt proof. I ran electrical tape around the seams to help this a bit. You also have to hold the button down while you pinpoint, something that annoyed me after using my Garrett. Note that this shape isn’t too convenient to carry, but there is a case with a belt clip available for $10.

Vibra Probe $140


Deteknix Xpointer $89

On the Deteknix Xpointer, I can only compare it to the Garrett Propointer and it out performs the Garrett hands down. No falseing NONE! not even when trying to bend it. Depth is fantastic (you wont chase phantom targets) A couple of things: One is waiting for the 3rd beep before beginning to probe a little slow but not an issue, and the buttons seem a little harder to push but again no problem. Would I buy again? You bet your … I would. Would I recommended the Xpointer? Definitely! HH. – D

I want to add that this was priced at $90 when it was released last year. I’m not sure why they raised the price because the lower price was what was going to pull people from buying Garrett. They also include a tether, tips, and color options – something you’ll see with these new entries into the market – trying harder to compete.


Garrett Pro Pointer $110

The Garrett Pro Pointer is the gold standard by which other pinpointers are judged. It’s probably the most-used pp out there and for good reason, it works. In recent years all other pinpointer manufacturers have copied this design – so you’ll note that they all seem to look like this. While some other pp have a couple more features this one has been my favorite for years. My one suggestion is that you wrap electrical tape around and over the speaker hole to keep out dirt and moisture, and to quiet it down a bit.

Minelab Profind 15 $99

Splash proof design, Audio indication, High visibility, Holster Included, Coming Soon


Minelab Profind 35 $129

Ferrous Tone ID, Waterproof to 3m (10ft), Audio & vibration indication, High Visibility, Holster & lanyard included, Battery included, Coming soon


Makro $125

The Makro waterproof pinpointer is absolutely a must have. I really like the end cap buttons, the light for when its dark, and the sensitivity adjustments are just right. Several times I get fooled with a target in the edge of a small hole instead of the bottom. I kick the sensitivity down as much as possible *while* zooming in on the target. Love the screw cap with o-ring seal. The 9-volt battery is held down by foam (spring action) — love that too. The carry case, straps, hooks, cover bag, etc… is all a bit much, but the unit itself is a super nice design. Fits great in carpenter jeans’ side pocket if you don’t feel like using the holster. – Eng


Garrett AT $128

The GARRETT ProPointer AT is an excellent pinpointer. It is well constructed, waterproof and a great aid to locating your target when detecting. It can be adjusted for 3 sensitivty settings with sound — or 3 sensitivity settings with vibrate only. It is a well-designed and well-constructed tool. And it is made in the USA.

Review by BeNel

Finally, Garrett added all those features everyone who uses a pin pointer has been wanting. Waterproof, adjustable sensitivity, easy to see / find color, lanyard ring, less spongy on/off, and a disable feature for the audible.
Admittedly, I haven’t been able to try it underwater – which is what I’m really interested in – as the ice just came off the lakes here in MN. But I did rinse it completely under the sink after a muddy night out. No worries about the speaker, light, or on/off switch.
Its very sturdy and well-built – similar to the original black Pro Pointer.
On the medium sensitivity setting (default), its seems to have a slightly better depth range than my old Pro Pointer. I’m assuming that high sensitivity will be even greater.
On the whole, if you’ve never used a Pro Pointer and you metal detect, you’re doing yourself a tremendous disservice. These tools reduce the time to find the target by at least half, if not more. It makes me wonder how much time I’ve wasted rechecking the hole or the plug with the detector, and all the unnecessary digging trying to find the item.
I consider this as valuable a tool as my detector itself. Worth every penny and the long wait for it to become available!


The Vibra Probe is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet, so it’s ideal for scuba hunting, though I’ve seen it used on land as well.

It now comes in three models: Vibra Probe 730, 740, and 750.

I bought this for 2 purposes: river gold sniping and as a pinpointer for my metal detector. I used it in the river, and of course the fact that it was waterproof was nice. I didn’t find any gold with it, but I also didn’t find any gold without it either 🙂 I did put it up to some very small pickers that I had found, and the detector did not sense it. I tried with a large grouping of pickers and it did detect them. I also used this with my White’s MXT for pinpointing. It did extremely well. It detected a penny that was 1-2 inches below ground. I also really like the fact that it has the automatic on/off feature rather than a switch. I will be using it a lot more this summer, and I will have a better feel for it then. – SuperD


Whites TRX $149

The Whites TRX is the best pinpointer I’ve ever come across(I’ve had the Garrett as well as the Bounty Hunter). I use it on its most powerful setting (there are 4 power settings) and can reliably pinpoint coins at 4-6 inches before I dig. Some will complain that full power causes false signalling, but I’ve found that the automatic ground balancing feature does away with this(I just make sure the pin pointer’s nose is in the soil before turning on the machine. It’s ratcheting feature is also nice, in that I can gradually turn down the power as I get closer to the object I’m trying to recover. It can go from detecting things at 6 inches to only detecting something at 6 centimeters away. Love the ratcheting! It also has a different detection field than most pin pointers. Think of your normal X-pointer as being a lantern of detection, in that it detects up and down the probe. Now think of the TRX as a flashlight, in that it only really detects at it’s tip in an outward cone. I hated this feature at first, but with some practice it actually speeds up my coin recovery time.
I do have a couple of complaints with the TRX. For one, the light on it is pretty weak, and seems like an afterthought. I don’t really use the light since I don’t do much night detecting, but if you’re going to put a light on this thing, have it be somewhat useful. It looks like White’s didn’t want the light draining their battery, so they stuck a tiny light on there just to give it an extra selling point. My other gripe would be that this is only weatherproof, and not waterproof. I ended up making mine waterproof by taking a hot glue gun to the speaker area(this is the only part which isn’t waterproof) and making it airtight. This muffled the beeping noise somewhat, but all in all I can live with that. – Doc


Minelab Pro-Find 25 $169

The Minelab Pro-Find is a great unit… it does have a better detection ability than the Garrett unit, but negligible… at most the unit detect’s a 1/2 inch better but has to be straight on end or at a specific location on the side of the probe to obtain a good signal… The LED is brighter and the chirping is louder, but does not perform significantly better… Considering the price, I would go with the Garrett Pro-Pointer over the MineLab Pro-Finder… If I was to say the Garrett unit was the best on the market, I would consider this 2nd… it will still out perform the other cheaper units which is why I still rated it a 4 star… Hope this helps! – Shelia Crump


XP Mi-6 $199

The XP Mi-6 Pinpointer tops out as one of the most expensive on the market, but it is packed with features that make it worth the price. Especially for XP Deus users because this pinpointer can beam its sounds into your Deus headphones wirelessly, which makes it ideal if you’re hunting near a busy road, for example.

More complex than your run of the mill pinpointer and really appreciate the ease of ground balance for hard to find objects. It also solves the problem of needing two pinpointer when the grandkids are along to help with the find. Good product. – whoknows