Milspec Deus Backpack Review

In this video I review the Milspec Deus Backpack. I don’t mean to tease, but they aren’t available anymore. But who knows, perhaps someone will make one similar. I love mine though and Ed at Treasure Mountain Detectors has asked many times to buy this one back, but I’m holding onto it for as long…

XP Deus Headphone Shootout

XP Deus Headphone Shootout

This is the XP Deus Headphone Shootout! I’ve worked very hard over the past month begging for headphones, recording headphones, and testing out headphones so you that you can get my opinion as to what are the best ones for the XP Deus. Enjoy! The headphones reviewed are the following (buying from my links helps…

XP Deus Cover Mod

I have tried a lot of XP Deus remote covers. Many cover the whole remote front in plastic and you can see the screen but it’s very hard to press the buttons. XP’s remote cover makes button pressing easy, but makes seeing the screen very difficult. This is my solution.  

Andy Sabisch

Q and A with Andy Sabisch

I had the honor and thrill of traveling to Cincinnati a couple weeks ago to attend the XP Deus Bootcamp that veteran detectorist Andy Sabisch conducts. Andy agreed to sit down for some Q and A. Enjoy. Andy is the author of the XP Deus Handbook as well as several other detector and detecting books.

CTX vs Deus

This is a repost from a metal detecting forum post. And THE best comparison of CTX vs Deus I have ever read. Big thanks to tnsharpshooter. How does the XP Deus and Minelab CTX 3030 / Etrac stack up against one another. For cherry picking out of manicured yards: Etrac gets the top spot. It’s TID is more reliable…